Feed the Pig Campaign

About Feed the Pig

Feed The Pig is a student-led initiative run by freshmen that collects donations for the Freshmen Textbook Scholarship. The scholarship aims to provide textbooks for students for a whole academic year. Students apply as freshmen and then receive their scholarships as sophomores. Feed the Pig is represented by Pig Cardinal Banks, best friend of Willamette University's mascot, Blitz. Under the leadership of Cardinal Banks, freshmen begin a philanthropic legacy that embodies Willamette's motto, "Not unto ourselves alone are we born."

Want to help contribute?

Students can help get involved by dropping off their spare change in the piggy banks located around campus. You can also give online by clicking the button below.

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Want to receive a scholarship?

If you are currently enrolled full-time as a freshman for the class of 2016 and you would like to be considered for receiving a textbook scholarship, you can fill out an application.


The culture of philanthropy on campus is an important part of our identity at Willamette. What does philanthropy mean in your family? Share your thoughts, and your comments could be featured in The Scene—our alumni magazine!

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Project Resources

Follow Pig Cardinal Banks on facebook .