Charitable Lead Trusts 

Charitable Lead Trusts: Getting Started

You can provide an inheritance to loved ones and make a significant charitable gift through a charitable lead trust. [More]

Helpful Definitions

Reference this helpful glossary of terms to better understand the nuts and bolts of charitable lead trusts. [More]

Is This Gift Right for You?

Read on to learn whether a charitable lead trust could work for you. [More]

Case Study

Read an example of how a charitable lead trust worked for one family. [More]

The Best Time to Make This Gift

Do you know why now is a great time to create a charitable lead trust? [More]

How to Complete Your Gift

In just a few steps and with the help of an estate planning attorney, you can design a trust to fit your unique circumstances. [More]

Action Items

Use these resources to learn more about how a charitable lead trust can meet your financial and philanthropic goals. [More]

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