Finding Fulfillment: Have a Personal Plan 

Like many people, you may feel overwhelmed with charitable organizations campaigning through the mail. So many requests can tire and confuse even the most generous among us. There are ways, however, to revive the pleasure found in helping others. This process need not be looked upon as work. In less than an hour, you can outline a strategy that could lead to some of the most fulfilling acts you have ever performed.

Determine your values. If you were to ask your closest friends or relatives to name the principles in which you most strongly believe, what might they say? By thinking about the experiences, people and organizations that have mattered most in your life, you will likely find the answer to where to direct your philanthropic efforts.

Concentrate your generosity. From your list of values, determine a few organizations or causes of greatest importance to you. This may require a little homework, but see where you can personally make the greatest difference.

Think close to your home and heart. Usually the nearer you are geographically or emotionally to the charitable organizations that you support, like Willamette University, the more satisfying your efforts.

Make a personal plan. Decide how much time and money you can devote to charitable causes, like Willamette. Do not let limited resources intimidate you. Even a few hours or a few dollars can make a meaningful impact.

Evaluate your choices. Be as prudent when offering your volunteer time and money as you would with any other investment. Take time to investigate and compare the missions and goals of the organizations in which you plan to invest. Proceed only when you are convinced that your money and time will be well spent.

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