NetFiles Snapshots

Once a day, the Willamette NetFiles servers automatically take a "picture" of every file stored.  These snapshots are accessible via a special directory or the Windows user interface and can be used to revert a file to a previous version or to recover a file that has been accidentally corrupted or deleted.  No more losing weeks or months of research and writing, no more contacting WITS and waiting for a backup tape to be returned to campus!

Additional information and instructions will be available soon.  In the meantime, if you need to retrieve an older version of a file, please contact WITS for assistance.

Windows 7/Vista/XP - Method 1, using the Windows user interface

Windows 7/Vista/XP - Method 2, viewing hidden files/folders and using the special "snapshots" folder

OSX - Method 1, mapping the snapshot directory directly

OSX - Method 2,viewing hidden files/folders and using the special "snapshots" folder