Post Feedback with Spreadsheets - the PostEm Tool


Spreadsheets containing grades or any other type of course feedback can be uploaded to WISE using the PostEm tool. You can update existing feedback files over the course of the semester and also upload multiple feedback files.  As with the gradebook tools, each student sees only his or her individual data.

Formatting a Spreadsheet

You must follow three simple formatting rules to set up your spreadsheet:

  1. the first row must contain headings for every column with input
  2. the first column must contain the site members' user names
  3. the file must be saved in .csv (comma separated values) format. Use Save As in your spreadsheet program and select CSV from the Save as type: list.

Postem sample spreadsheet

Accessing the PostEm Tool

Site managers/Instructors must add the tool to the site using Site Info>Edit Tools.  Once added, select the tool from the Course Tools list at the left of the page.

The Instructor view lists all spreadsheets that have been uploaded.  Each file has a set of links used to manage the file.  A Yes in the Released column identifies those files that have been made available for students to view.  Click Add from the PostEm menu to upload new files.


The Student view lists all spreadsheets that have been made available by the instructor and a link to view that student's individual data.

To upload a spreadsheet:

  1. Select Add from the PostEm tool menu at the top of the page
  2. Enter a name for the spreadsheet in the Title text box
  3. Click the Browse... button to locate and select the file on your local computer, then click the Open button at the bottom of the file browser window
  4. To allow students to see the feedback, check the box by Release feedback to participants?
  5. Click the Post button

Verification: WISE will display a verification screen that summarizes the data in the spreadsheet and displays one entry. If the information is correct, click the Save button to complete the file upload process.  Click the Back button to return to the file upload page and select a different spreadsheet file or cancel the process.