Oregon Resident Law Scholarship

The Oregon Resident Law Scholarship (ORLS) is awarded to admitted incoming first year law students whose permanent residence is in the state of Oregon. The scholarship is $6,000 for full-time students and $4500 for part-time students and is renewable to the student in their second and third year of law school so long as they remain in “good standing” and comply with the Standards of Student conduct set forth in the student handbook. Incoming first year students must meet Oregon residency requirements to qualify.

ORLS Qualifications

To qualify for the Oregon Resident Law Scholarship (ORLS) you will need the following:

  1. Apply Now for admission and receive an offer of admission to Willamette University College of Law.
  2. Proof of state of Oregon residency. Affidavit of residency in the state of Oregon

Willamette offers

Real World Experience

Work with refugees, political detainees and other clients who depend on Willamette’s Clinical Law Program to secure them justice.


We’re the only law school located across the street from the state legislature, Supreme Court, department of justice and other state agencies. Through externships and mentorships, our students have unparalleled access to the corridors of power.


We count six Oregon Supreme Court justices, a Washington State governor, a U.S. senator and numerous judges and prominent lawyers among our alums. All are happy to guide students through their careers.


Willamette University College of Law you will receive a high quality private legal education priced at a competitive tuition that is lower than most of our West Coast competition.