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Willamette University College of Law

2014-2015 New Mentor Registration Form

Please complete the following information to help us match you with a student and to share with your student.  Please complete the form by August 29, 2014.

By enrolling in the Willamette mentor program, you are committing to:

1.  Participating in the program with your assigned student(s) at least one full school year

2.  Initiating contact with your student(s) at least twice per month

3.  Meeting with your student(s) at least once per month

4.  Filling out an evaluation form mid-school year and at the end of the term.

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General Information
Last Name:
First Name:
Email Address:
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Work Phone:
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Mentor Background Information
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Practice Emphasis:
Type of Practice:Private Practice
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Public Interest
Years in Practice:
Your Age:
Your Gender:Male
Family Status:Single
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Do you prefer to be matched with:Male student(s) only
Female student(s) only
Either sex OK
Are you interested in Co-mentoring student(s) with another attorney? Co-mentoring groups typically contain 2 attorneys and 2-3 students.
If you selected 'Yes' above please list the name of attorney you would like to Co-mentor with (if known).
If you are a "solo" mentor (not part of a co-mentoring group), how many students are you willing to mentor this year?
What is your undergraduate, law school, other graduate school background?
Briefly describe your legal and professional experience:
Matching Questions

The following information will help us match you with your student.

Outside interests/Personal background:
Please provide any additional information that you believe could help us match you with a compatible student. Feel free to comment on any prior experience you had as a mentor:
What would you consider the "best match" for a student partner? (Please include any special help you could provide to gay/lesbian, disabled, ethnic minority students, etc.)
Which of the following do you feel you can offer a law student?Assistance in understanding the practice of law
Interviewing and hiring practice issues
Discussion of legal career alternatives
Advice about balancing career and family
Introductions to other members of the practicing Bar
Discussion of gay/lesbian/bisexual issues
Assistance in understanding law school
If "Other", please describe:
Meeting Times and Student Contact
Best time of day and way for student to contact you:
Best days/time of day for you and your student to meet: We ask all mentors to commit to meeting with their student(s) at least 1-2 hours per month.
“Kick Off” Mentor/Student Reception

The 2014 Kick Off Reception will be held Tuesday, Sept. 16th from 5:30-7:30PM here in the law school.  The program will begin at 5:30PM in Room 201. We will then move downstairs for the reception.  Food/drink will be served.  

This is an opportunity for you to meet your student and to begin becoming acquainted. Please plan to schedule future meetings with your student(s) at this kick-off event.  

(If attending, mark your calendar for the Kick Off Reception.)

Will you attend the Kick Off Reception?Yes