Clinical Practice Areas

The Clinical Law Program comprises six advanced legal education courses: the Business Law Clinic, the Trusts and Estates Clinic, the Sustainability Law Clinic, the Child and Family Advocacy Clinic, the Law and Government Clinic, and the Human Rights and Immigration Clinic. The clinical program offerings provide Willamette law students with hands-on, professional experience in the actual law practice.

Human Rights and Immigration Clinic

The Human Rights and Immigration Clinic enables students to represent clients in a variety of cases and projects that involve international, such as customary international law or treaty law, domestic human rights law, and immigration (in particular asylum, T visas, and other immigration matters).  Read more

Sustainability Law Clinic

The Sustainability Law Clinic provides students with an opportunity to work on emerging issues at the intersection of environmental law and policy and civil rights law. With a focus on environmental justice issues, clinical law students approach case work from a client empowerment perspective. Read more

Trusts and Estates Clinic

Students enrolled in the Trusts and Estates Clinic represent clients who need non-tax estate planning. Most clinic clients, whether single or married, have children who are too young to manage property themselves. Other clients have adult children, are childless, or are terminally ill or elderly. Read more

Business Law Clinic

Child and Family Advocacy Clinic

Law and Government Clinic