Oregon Law Commission Meeting: 03-20-2013

  • Time: 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
  • Location: Oregon Civic Justice Center - 790 State St., Salem, OR 97301 (Hearings Room)


I.  Review and Approval of Legislative Concepts and Reports
(Staff Suggested Motions)

a.  Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act, HB 2833
(HB 2833)
(Legislative Report to Accompany HB 2833)

b.  Adoption Records, SB 623
(SB 623, with written amendments)
(Legislative Report to Accompany SB 623)  

c.  Uniform Trust Code, SB 592
(SB 592)
(Work Group Proposed Amendments to SB 592)
(Legislative Report to Accompany SB 592)

d.  Juvenile Records, SB 622
(SB 622)
(Work Group Proposed Amendments to SB 622)
(Legislative Report to Accompany SB 622)

e.  Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, HB 2834
(HB 2834)
(Legislative Report to Accompany HB 2834)

II.  Discussion of HB 2600, U.C.C. Article 9
(OLC Reasons for Selection of Alterative B)
(HB 2600)
(HB 4035, Section 12, from 2012)
(Legislative Report for HB 4035)
(2010 Amendments to U.C.C. Article 9 Legislative Status by State)
(American Bankers Association UCC Article 9 Working Group Section 9-503 Name of Debtor and Secured Party Position Paper)
(Oregon Bankers Association Comments in Support of HB 2600)
(Four Reasons to Adopt Alternative A for Individual Debtor Names)
(Materials Provided by Carl Bjerre, Kaapcke Professor of Business Law, University of Oregon School of Law

III.  Update on Appellate Judicial Selection Project and Grant Award
(Grant Proposal)

IV.  Executive Director's Report