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Started in 1984, Willamette's one-month summer study is the oldest law school summer exchange program in China. As the premier program, it has served as a model for other study abroad programs in China. The host school, the East China University of Politics and Law, is China's leading institution in the burgeoning fields of trade and investment. The school is located in the heart of central Shanghai, China's largest city, leading port and commercial trade center. Students from around the world participate in the program, particularly from the United States, Australia and Canada, and from Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The program provides six hours of transferable, ABA-approved credit. Classes are taught in English.

2014 Program: June 16 to July 13, 2014


  • Six hours of transferable, ABA-approved credit and certificate of completion from the East China University of Politics and Law.
  • Classes in Chinese Law and International Transactions taught by leading Chinese, Italian and American scholars.
  • Field trips to a criminal trial, divorce or other mediation, international joint venture, and local office of an American law firm.
  • A three-day excursion to Hangzhou and a one-day excursion to Suzhou.
  • Cross-cultural participation of students from several countries.
  • Optional Chinese language and Tai Chi instruction, and recreation with Chinese colleagues.

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"This program is fantastic. It not only exposed us to Chinese law but to the Chinese way of life as well.”


“My stay in Shanghai was wonderful. I learned so much about the culture, people and traditions from being in their world.”