J.W. Long Law Library


Court Rules

For additional information about Oregon Courts and the applicable rules, see "Oregon Court Rules."  For online information about state courts, visit http://www.ncsconline.org/

1.   Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules, 1 softbound volume.  Annual. West Group.   Federal Rules: Appellate Procedure, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Habeas Corpus Rules, Motion Attacking Sentence Rules, Multi-district Litigation Rules and Supreme Court Rules.  Reserve KF8816.A193.

2.    Federal Local Court Rules.  Local rules and sample forms available online at http://www.uscourts.gov/RulesAndPolicies/FederalRulemaking/RulesAndForms.aspx

3.     Moore, James W.  Moore's Federal Rules Pamphlet.  4 parts (softbound) annual.  Albany, N.Y., Matthew Bender  (Lexis Publishing).
           (a)    Comments
           (b)    Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
           (c)    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
           (d)    Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
           (e)    Federal Rules of Evidence
           (f)    Judicial Code
           (g)    Multi-District Litigation Rules
           (h)    Official Forms
           (i)     U.S. Supreme Court Rules

  LAW Reserve KF8816.A19 48. Also online/Lexis

4.    Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure.  Salem, Oregon Judicial Department.  LAW Reserve KFO2958.A39.  Ask for latest ed.  Also online at http://www.ojd.state.or.us/Web/OJDPublications.nsf/Rules.

5.    Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure Annotated.  Lexis Publishing.  LAW Reserve KFO2929.A195.  Ask for latest ed.

6.    Oregon Rules of Court: Federal.  West Group.  Federal rules -- District court, bankruptcy, 9th circuit, U.S. Supreme Court, rules of evidence, civil procedure.  LAW Reserve KFO2929.A19.6.  Ask for latest ed.

7.    Oregon Rules of Court: State.  West Group.  Oregon rules - Code of judicial conduct, rules relative to admission, discipline, resignation and reinstatement.  Amendments adopted by the Oregon Supreme Court are published in the Oregon edition of the Pacific Reporter Advance Sheets.  LAW Reserve KFO2929.A196.  Ask for latest ed.

8.    Oregon Uniform Trial Court Rules - Supplementary Local Rules.  Lexis Publishing.  Looseleaf.  LAW Reserve KFO2929.A197

9.    Supplementary Local Rules of the Oregon Trial Courts Including Arbitration.  Looseleaf.  Salem, Oregon Judicial Department.  LAW Reserve KFO2929.A 1969.  Ask for latest edition.

10.    Uniform Trial Court Rules.  Salem, Oregon Judicial Department.  Online at http://www.ojd.state.or.us/Web/OJDPublications.nsf/Rules