J.W. Long Law Library


Practice Books

1.     Federal

(a)     Bailey, F. Lee & Fishman, Kenneth J.  Criminal Trial Techniques. 3 vol. looseleaf.  West Group.  "[D]esigned to guide defense counsel from the inception of the attorney-client relationship...through the sentencing phase...." Current through 05/11. KF9656.B25. Also available online/Westlaw.

(b)    Brenner, Susan W. & Lockhart, Gregory E.  Federal Grand Jury: A Guide to Law and Practice 2nd ed. West Group, 2006. Current through 11/10. KF9642.B73. Also available online/Westlaw.

(c)    Childress, Steven & Davis, Martha. Federal Standards of Review.  4thed.  Lexis Publishing, 2010.  KF9050.C48. Also available online/Lexis.

(d)     Hunter, Robert S. Federal Trial Handbook.  2 vol. 4th ed.  looseleaf.  West Group.  Vol. 1 - Civil Trials; Vol. 2 - Criminal Trials.  Available online/Westlaw.

(e)   Jones, Robert E. & Rosen, Gerald; et al.  Federal Civil Trials and Evidence.  Looseleaf.  Encino, CA.  Rutter Group (a division of West Group), 1999.  Judge Jones, U.S. District Court for Oregon, was a distinguished trial lawyer,  past president of the OTLA, Circuit Judge for the State of Oregon and Associate Justice on the Oregon Supreme Court.  A comprehensive guide from pretrial preparation to post-trial motions.  Includes detailed coverage of the FRCP and the FRE governing civil trials.  KF8935.F37. Current through 2005. Available online/Westlaw.

(f)    Knibb, David G. Federal Court of Appeals Manual.  5th ed.  West Group, 2007.   Emphasis on practical advice.  Updatd annually.  KF9052.K63. Also available online/Westlaw.

(g)    Moore's Federal Practice.  Multi-volume set 3rd ed. Lexis Publishing, 1997. Updated periodically.   KF8820.A313 M63. Available online/Lexis.

(h)  Tigar, Michael & Tigar, Jane.  Federal Appeals: Jurisdiction and Practice.  3rd ed.  West Group, 1999.  An attempt to combine in one volume "the complex lore of federal appellate jurisdiction and the practical knowledge of effective advocacy."  Updated annually.  KF9050.T54. Available online/Westlaw.

(i)    Ulrich, Kessler & Anger, P.C.  Federal Appellate Practice: Ninth Circuit.  2 vol. 2nd ed.  West Group, 1999.  "[A] comprehensive text describing Ninth Circuit jurisdiction, procedure and practice."  When, where, why and how.  Annual pocket parts.  KF9054 9th.F43. Also available online/Westlaw.

(j)    West's Federal Administrative Practice Manual.  Multi-volume set.  4th ed.  West Group.  Current pocket parts.  KF8840.W47. Also available online/Westlaw.

(k)   Wright, Charles, et al. Federal Practice and Procedure.  Multi-volume set.  West Group. 1969. Annual supplements.  KF8840.W68. Also available online/Westlaw.

2.     General

(a)     American Jurisprudence  Proof of Facts 1st, 2nd, 3rd.  West Group.  Annual pocket parts.   1st floor Ben's Den. Current through 2007. Available online/Westlaw.

(b)    American Jurisprudence  Trials.  West Group.   Annual pocket parts.  1st floor Ben's Den. Current through 2007. Available online/Westlaw.

(c)    Beale, Sara, et al. Grand Jury Law and Practice.  2 vol. 2nd ed.  looseleaf.  West Group, 1997.  Current through 11/10., KF 9642.G73. Available online/Westlaw.

(d)     Becker, Benjamin, et al. Legal Checklists. 2nd ed.  2 vols.  West Group.  Everything from estate planning to trial preparation.  KF386.L44.  Current through 4/08. Available online/Westlaw.

(e)    Bender's Forms of Discovery.  Multi-volume.  Lexis Publishing.  KF8900.A3 B4.  Our set is not kept current, but remains useful. Available online/Lexis.

(f)      Carlson, Ronald L.  Successful Techniques for Civil Trials.  2nd ed.  West Group, 1992.  Discovery, trial and post trial motions.  Emphasizes planning and presentation of proof in jury and bench trials. Current through 11/10.  KF 8915.C3.

(g)     Danner, Douglas and Varn, Larry.  Pattern Deposition Checklists.  2 vol. 3rd ed.  West Group, 1993.  Current through 09/97.   "It is ...very unlikely that counsel could have a tort case which is not covered by these checklists."  KF8900.D3.  A later edition hs been published. Available online/Westlaw.

(h)     Danner, Douglas. Pattern Discovery.   West Group.  Series: basic facts, motor vehicles, employment discrimination, products liability, medical malpractice, etc.  KF8900.D3.  Our series is not kept current, but remains useful. Available online/Westlaw.

(i)      Donner, Ted A. and Crowe, Brian L. Attorney's Practice Guide to Negotiations.  2 vols.  2nd ed.  West Group, 1995.  Current through 04/09.   KF9084.D657. Available online/Westlaw.

(j)     Fontham, Michael R.  Trial Technique and Evidence.  3rd ed. Lexis Publishing, 2008.  "[I]nstruction on trial technique and the evidence rules...."  Annual update.  KF8915.F64.

(k)     Gianna, Dominic & Julien, Alfred S.  Opening Statements.  2nd ed. West Group, 2004.  Many examples.     Annual Supplements.  KF 8915.J84. Available online/Westlaw.

(l)      Giannelli, Paul & Imwinkelried, Edward.  Scientific Evidence.  2 vols.  4th ed.  Lexis Publishing, 2007. Current through 10/10 .  KF8961.G53. Available online/Westlaw.

(m)      Givens, Richard A.  Advocacy: The Art of Pleading a Cause.  3 vol. 3rd ed.  West Group, 1992.  "[T]his book is primarily about the strategy of advocacy...."  Current through 11/10.  KF8915.G55.

(n)      Jeans, James W.  Litigation.  3 vol. 2nd ed.  Lexis Publishing, 1992.  How to prepare and try a lawsuit.  Last updated 1998.  KF 8915.J39.

(o)    McQuade, J. Stanley. Medical Practice for Trial Lawyers.  6th ed.  Norcross, Ga., Harrison Co., 2000.    RA1018.M37. Last updated in 2003.

(p)    Mogill, Kenneth M. & Gonzales, Richard A.  Examination of Witnesses. 2nd ed.  West Group, 2000.  "The purpose of examination of witnesses is to examine the techniques of witness interrogation in the courtroom...."  Current through 10/11. KF 8915.65. Available online/Westlaw.

(q)      Purver, Jonathan M. et al.  The Trial Lawyer's Book: Preparing and Winning Cases West Group, 1990.  "[A] front-to-back reading of this book will provide a logical progression for case preparation, conduct of trial, and courtroom technique, from interviewing, investigation and theme development right through to closing argument."   Current through 11/10..  KF8915.T72.

(r)     Rossi, Robert L. Attorney's Fees.  2 vols. 3rd. ed. West Group, 2001.  Current pocket parts.  KF316.R677. Available online/Westlaw.

(s)      Stein, Jacob.  Closing Argument: The Art and the Law.  West Group. 2005. Current through 06/09.   KF 8915.S7. Available online/Westlaw.

(t)      Stern, Robert L.  Appellate Practice in the United States 2nd ed. Washington, D.C., BNA, 1989.  State and Federal.  A "large part of the book...deals with the writing of briefs and the presentation of oral arguments..."  KF9050.S75.  Out of print.

3.       Oregon

(a)   Bailey, Henry J., III.  The Oregon Uniform Commercial Code.  3 vols.  2nd ed.   Lexis Publishing, 1990.  The author, affectionately known to the library staff as "the Chief", was a highly regarded member of the Willamette College of Law Faculty from 1965 to 1981.  He served on a number of subcommittees involved in the drafting of the UCC prior to its enactment in Oregon.    Last updated 1999.  KFO2552.B35.

(b)   Jones, Robert E. & Unis, Richard L.  Evidence.  2 vols.  Lewis & Clark Bookstore, Portland, OR  1980.  KF8961.Z9 J65.  Out of print.

(c)   Kirkpatrick, Laird C. Oregon Evidence.  5th ed.  Annual supplement.  Lexis Publishing, 2007.  Reserve  KFO2940.K57.

(d)  Oregon Law and Practice. Vols. 1,2 Business Organizations; Vol. 3 Evidence; Vols. 4,5 Family Law; Vols. 6,7,8 Civil Procedure. St. Paul, West. 2003. KFO 2480.073. Volumes consist of ORS sections, commentary and forms. Available online/Westlaw.

(e) Oregon State Bar Committee on Continuing Legal Education (CLE’s).  These include handbooks and practice manuals for appeal and review, business, creditors rights, criminal law, damages, family law, insurance law, jury instructions, juvenile law, land use, personal injury law, pleading and practice, probate, real property law, security interests, wills and trusts, workers compensation practice,  etc.  Write Oregon State Bar, Continuing Legal Education, 5200 S.W. Meadows Road, P.O. Box 1689, Lake Oswego, OR  97035-0889 for a brochure.  Also, on the web at http://www.osbar.org/.     Located under KFO 3rd floor and Reserve.

(f)   Oregon Statutory Time Limitations.  Professional Liability Fund. 4th ed.  Oregon State Bar, Lake Oswego, OR,  2010.   Reserve  KFO2490.L5 O74.