J.W. Long Law Library


Research Manuals

For additional information on how to conduct legal research, see "Legal Research - Starting Points."

1.     Banks, Margaret A. Banks on Using a Law Library.  6th ed.  Toronto, Canada, Carswell, 1994.  "A guide for the students and lawyers in the Common Law Provinces of Canada."  Ref. KE250.B36

2.     Barkan, Steven M. Fundamentals of Legal Research.  Westbury, N.Y., Foundation Press, 9th ed. 2009.  Successor to the 1973 4th ed. of Pollack's Fundamentals of legal Research.  Also available in abridged form:  Legal Research Illustrated.  9th ed. West Group, 2009. LAW Ref. KF240.B37.

3.     Berring, Robert & Edinger, Elizabeth.  Finding the Law.  12th ed.  West Group, 2005.  KF240.B45.

4.     Christie, Innis & Yogis, John.  Legal Writing and Research Manual. 5th ed.  Toronto, Butterworths, 2000.  Written for Canadian 1st year law students.  Covers major sources of English, Canadian and U.S. materials.  Ref. KE250.Y64. A later edition has been published.

5.     Cohen, Morris, L.  How to Find the Law.  9th ed.  West Group, 1989.  An excellent basic treatise, although dated.  KF240.C538.

6.     Cohen, Morris L. & Olson, Kent.   Legal Research in a Nutshell.  10th ed.  West Group, 2010.  Designed to offer limited instruction through a simple, concise text.  Easy reading and extremely useful.  Describes the entire range of legal materials and their uses.  LAW Reserve KF240.C54.

7.     Hazelton, Penny A., Ed. . Specialized Legal Research. Aspen. 2001. LAW Ref. KF240.S69. Current supplements.

8.     MHicks, Frederick, C.  Materials and Methods of Legal Research.  3rd rev. ed.  Rochester, Lawyers Cooperative, 1942.  Particularly useful for its appendices which include in some detail lists of legal abbreviations, Anglo-American legal periodicals, American Law Reports, British Law Reports and a Table of Regal Years.    KF240.H53.  Out of print.

9.     Mermin, Samuel. Law and the Legal System--An Introduction.  2nd ed.  Aspen, 1982.  Useful for its detailed look at an illustrative case.  KF380.M47.  Out of print.

10.     Moys, Elizabeth.  Manual of Law Librarianship.  2nd ed.  Boston, G.K. Hall, 1987.  About 1/2 of the volume deals with Literature of the Law in the United Kingdom and its use (the remainder is devoted to Library techniques).  Z675.M27. Somewhat outdated.

11.     Olson, Kent. Legal Information: How to Find it, How to Use it.  Phoenix, AZ, Oryx Press, 1999.  KF 240.0365.

12.       Pollack, Ervin H. Pollack's Fundamentals of Legal Research, 4th ed., Mineola, N.Y., Foundation Press, 1973.  "[T]he book is not intended to be a definitive source for legal bibliography, but rather an aid to students who are learning how to do legal research."  This book is comparable to Hicks, but of more recent vintage.  It has an extensive conversion table of abbreviations and a useful glossary of terms used in legal research.  KF240.P6.  Out of print.

13.     Price, Miles O. and Bitner, Harry.  Effective Legal Research: A Practical Manual of Law Books and Their Use.  Boston, Little Brown & Co., 1953.  Reprinted.  South Hackensack, N.J., Rothman, 1969.  This is a comprehensive reference work which is probably the most authoritative in its field.  It covers American, British and Canadian materials.  Its appendices include a standard form of appellate brief, memorandum of law, abbreviations commonly used, various lists of British, American and Canadian materials and a special index to standard legal citation forms.  LAW Ref KF240.P7.  Out of print.

14.     Price, Miles; Bitner, Harry & Bysiewicz, Shirley.  Effective Legal Research, 4th ed.  Boston, Little Brown & Co., 1979.  KF240.P7.  Out of print. Somewhat outdated.

15.     Rombauer, Marjorie D. Legal Problem Solving.  5th ed., St. Paul, West, 1991.  "This course book provides a functional introduction to the analysis, research and writing incident to legal problem solving."  KF240.R64. Our of print. Somewhat outdated.

16.    Sloan, Amy. Basic Legal Research:  Tools & Strategies.  4th ed. Aspen, 2009.  Brief and basic. KF240.S585.