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Statutes or Codes are a subject compilation of the current law in force for a state or the Federal Government.  Session Laws (referred to as statutes-at-large for Federal laws) are a chronological listing of laws passed by a state or Federal legislature.  A slip law is a single law published (on a slip of paper) shortly after passage (the slip laws appear in the bound session laws volumes and the "session Laws" are integrated into the statutes according to subject).  For additional information, see "Federal Codes" and "Federal Legislative History."

Administrative laws are those promulgated by state (Oregon Administrative Rules) or Federal (Code of Federal Regulations) agencies pursuant to a legislative enactment (statute).  For additional information, see "Federal Regulations" and "Oregon Administrative Rules."

The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) also include the Oregon and Federal Constitutions, tables for correlating past Oregon law chapter numbers with current ORS session numbers, the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure (Vol 1 after Ch.10) and separate updates for annotations of court decisions, law review articles, etc., which have cited the ORS.

NOTE: The enactment date and subsequent amendment dates for laws enacted after 1953 are in the ORS following the section.  However, for laws enacted prior to 1953 the dates have been omitted from the current ORS and you must use the two-volume set referred to as the Legislative History, Reviser's Notes and Annotations, commonly referred to as the 1953 "Reviser's Notes."  3rd floor by the ORS.  For additional information on the ORS, see "Oregon Revised Statutes" and "Oregon Legislative Records."

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