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Oregon Administrative Rules

What are the options for searching the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)?


For lack of a keyword index, research in the 19-volume Oregon Administrative Rules often resembles looking for a flashlight after the lights go out.  There is no problem if you have an OAR citation to the chapter, division and rule number.  For example, OAR 162-001-0005 refers to Chapter 162, Division 1, Rule 5.  Each agency is assigned a chapter number.  Absent a citation, consult the Table of Contents in Volume 1.  Locate the appropriate agency and division and scan the rule topics.  Once you have found a relevant rule, update it by consulting the monthly online Oregon Bulletin available at the web site noted below.


Full text searching on Westlaw and Lexis is available using either terms and connectors or natural language.   

State Archives Website

Another option is to use the excellent State of Oregon Archives Webpage to access the OAR, http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/banners/rules.htm.   The menu screen indicates the date through which the rules have been filed. The database includes current rules published in the Oregon Bulletin.  There is an alphabetical index by agency name, a numerical index by OAR chapter number and you can search the full text by terms and connectors.