Dean Symeonides’ Book Published in Chinese

The influence of the scholarly work of Willamette's dean, Symeon C. Symeonides, may now extend to China. One of his books, Private International Law at the End of the 20th Century: Progress or Regress? (Kluwer 2002), has been translated into Chinese and published in volume 24 of China's CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL LAW REVIEW (2002). The translation has been initiated and commissioned by this prestigious Law Review in an effort to acquaint its readers with the "classics of Western legal literature."

The translator is the Chinese scholar Song Xiao, who calls Symeonides "a scholar of the
World, not merely America" and compares his work with those of famous American writers Joseph Story (d. 1874), Walter Cook (d. 1943) Brainerd Currie (d. 1963), and David Cavers (d. 1986).

In the meantime, two other Chinese professors (Song Lianbin and Wang Li) have requested permission to translate another one of Symeonides' publications (Choice of Law in the American Courts in 2001, 50 AM. J. COMP.L.1-95 (2002)) for publication in the CHINESE YEARBOOK OF PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW AND COMPARATIVE LAW. Symeonides has granted permission, and the translation will be published in 2003.