WUCL Bar Passage Success

WUCL graduates are again posting excellent bar passage rates. In the July '04 Oregon Bar Examination, 80.8% of WUCL graduates who took the exam for the first time passed. The state average (all three Oregon law schools, plus out-of-staters) for first-time test takers was 72%. This 8.8-point difference from the state average is the law school's largest favorable margin in recent years. The previous record (6.8) was in 1995, when Willamette's rate was 90.8% and the state average was 84%.

Repeat test takers did not do quite as well, making WUCL's overall passage 72.3%. This figure is still 6.3 points above the state overall average of 66%.

"Our bar passage rate is another affirmation that hard work pays off," said Dean Symeon Symeonides when asked about the results. "I wholeheartedly congratulate and thank the members of the class of 2004 for their hard work. The faculty and I are extremely proud of them. We will continue to do our part to ensure results like these."