Willamette's Expertise Sought Around the World

Dean Symeonides' expert advice is being sought once again – literally around the world. Symeonides will first travel to Brussels to advise the Parliament of the European Union (EU) on the proposed EU law governing multi-state torts. He previously advised the EU on that law in March 2004. He will then travel to Taiwan to advise that nation regarding its codification of conflict of laws for multi-state torts and contracts.

Symeonides, an internationally recognized expert in this area of law, has published numerous books and articles on private international law and has drafted two codifications of conflicts law – one for Louisiana and one for Puerto Rico.

Symeonides will also travel to Paris, Hong Kong, and Beijing. While in Paris, he will teach at the Sorbonne. This is the fourth year that he has been elected visiting professor at the University of Paris.

In Hong Kong, Symeonides will meet with the Dean of the Law School of the City University of Hong Kong to discuss a possible exchange relationship and other cooperation between the two schools. Finally, in Beijing, he will participate in a two-day meeting between American law school deans and Chinese law school deans (under the auspices of the American Association of Law Schools and the equivalent Chinese authority).