Standen Releases Contemporary American Sports Law Text

Professor Jeffrey Standen has released a new book, Taking Sports Seriously (Carolina Academic Press, 2009), which brings modern legal analysis to bear on the problems of sports in contemporary America. A collection of essays, Taking Sports Seriously offers an unflinching examination of the salient legal issues surrounding the world of sports, including player violence, fan injuries, free agency, player agents, drug testing, athletes as role models, gambling, and other key topics.

Standen, who joined the Willamette law faculty in 1990, is well known within the sports law community for his popular blog, The Sports Law Professor ( Carolina Academic Press contacted him several years ago about producing the book, which consists of essays he wrote for the blog, in legal newspapers and on other Web sites.

“I wrote the essays with a view toward book publication,” he said. “I had a theme in mind — applying an economic analysis of law to sports problems — and pursued it all around the sports law world. Thus, the book has a unified theme while it addresses a variety of topics.”

The text is aimed at the educated lay reader, especially the sports fan, but it is equally suitable as a supplemental text for a course in sports law or sports management. Regardless of the audience, the text is sure to stir controversy.

“The book presents iconoclastic arguments for counter-intuitive conclusions,” Standen explained. “It offers some surprising takes on issues, in some cases, arguing against the common wisdom. My goal was to stimulate new thinking and discussion.”