WUCL Rankings High Despite Small Size

Several independent law school rankings have been released that show what we always have known about Willamette University College of Law -- we may be small, but we outrank many of our neighboring law schools on key indicators of academic excellence.

Last September, Willamette was ranked among the top 65 "Best Value Law Schools" in the United States by The National Jurist. WUCL was ranked 58th among those schools that "carry a low price tag and are able to prepare their students incredibly well for today's competitive job market."

A few months later, in a similar effort to gauge the efficacy of law schools, Super Lawyers released its inaugural ranking of American law schools. While most rankings examine LSAT scores and student-faculty ratios, the 2010 Super Lawyers U.S. Law School Rankings examined the overall quality of schools' graduates.

In their rankings, schools were positioned according to the total number of graduates named to state and regional Super Lawyers lists across the country. In 2009, 139 WUCL graduates were named "Super Lawyers," and the college was ranked 118 out of the 193 law schools reviewed.

If you also compare the number of graduates each school has produced and divide that by the number who have appeared in Super Lawyers, Willamette fares even better. Among Willamette's more than 5,300 law alumni, 2.6 percent have been named "Super Lawyers" -- a per capita rank of 89 out of the 193 law schools reviewed.

Finally, a new study was released by Roger Williams University School of Law, which focused on per capita faculty productivity at law schools other than those ranked in the top 50 by U.S. News & World Report. The study divided the number of articles published in the "top 50 journals" from 1993 to 2009 by the number of full-time, tenure-track faculty at each school. In this study, Willamette's law faculty was ranked No. 33 -- up four slots from the year before.