Dean Symeon Symeonides delivers talks on two continents

Last December, Dean Symeon Symeonides was an invited keynote speaker in Uruguay, Argentina and Greece.

In Uruguay, he was elected honorary member of the Asociación Americana de Derecho Internacional Privado (ASADIP), a prestigious organization of South American private international law scholars. He is one of only three North Americans to have received this high honor. His keynote address was called, “Recent U.S. Trends in Choice of Law for Tort Conflicts Solutions Emerging from the Chaos.”

In Argentina, Symeonides spoke at the University of Buenos Aires on “The Choice-of-Law Revolution in the United States: Past, Present and Future.”

In his native Greece, Symeonides spoke at an international conference held in the new Akropolis Museum devoted to the repatriation of cultural heritage objects, including the Parthenon marbles. His topic was “The Mosaics of Kanakaria: Judicial Pursuit and Vindication,” which involved the repatriation of sixth-century mosaics illegally removed from an ancient chapel in the occupied part of Cyprus . The mosaics were sold on the black market to an Indiana art dealer. Symeonides was a member of the legal team that sued the dealer in Indiana and recovered the mosaics on behalf of their lawful owner, the Church of Cyprus.

Symeonides also lectured at the universities of Athens and Thessaloniki on “American and European Private International Law: Reciprocal Lessons.”