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Opinions Filed in August 2012

State v. Mullins

Appellate Procedure: The 30 day statute of limitations for filing an appeal of a judgment under ORS 138.071(4) begins to run at the time an attorney of record for the defendant has notice of a judgment.

(Filing Date: 08-23-2012)

State v. Haynes

Appellate Procedure: In order to preserve an issue for appeal with a single word or phrase, it must be used in a context that allows the court and the other parties to understand that it refers to a particular legal or factual argument and the essential contours around the full argument.

(Filing Date: 08-16-2012)

In re Avera

Professional Responsibility: Under the Oregon Code of Judicial Conduct 2-101, a judge's performance of judicial duties shall take precedence over all other activities and the judge shall not neglect the business of the court.

(Filing Date: 08-02-2012)

State v. Klein

Evidence: Under ORS 133.721 an aggrieved person who has standing to move to suppress evidence obtained pursuant to a body-wire is a party to an intercepted communication or a person against whom the interception was directed.

(Filing Date: 08-02-2012)