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Opinions Filed in September 2012

Burke v. DLCD

Land Use: Under ORS 195.328(18), the word “owner” as it is used in section 6 of Measure 49, includes all individuals who are either an owner in fee title, purchaser under land sale contract, or a trustee in the property.

(Filing Date: 09-27-2012)

Ann Sacks Tile and Stone, Inc. v. Dept. of Rev.

Civil Procedure: Supreme Court lacked jurisdiction over the case because taxpayers filed a notice of appeal using electronic service, which was contrary to ORCP 9 G.

(Filing Date: 09-20-2012)

M.K.F. v. Miramontes

Civil Procedure: Under ORS 30.866, if a plaintiff seeks both an injunctive order and a judgment for compensatory money damages, the parties are entitled to a jury trial on the claim for money damages.

(Filing Date: 09-20-2012)

State v. Blok

Appellate Procedure: The Court may exercise their discretion to dismiss an alternative writ if it is not presented in the relator's brief or petition.

(Filing Date: 09-20-2012)

Morgan v. Amex Insurance Company

Attorney Fees: ORS 742.001 does not limit the scope of ORS 742.061 to only those insurance policies delivered or issued for delivery in Oregon.

(Filing Date: 09-14-2012)