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Juan Chavez

Intellectual Property

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Luvdarts, LLC v. AT & T Mobility, LLCCopyright: To give adequate notice under the DMCA, a copyright holder must give notice of which copyrights were infringed, who infringed them, and when they were infringed.(03-25-2013)
Tetris Holding, LLC v. Xio Interactive, Inc.Copyright: The Merge Doctrine does not prevent authors from creating copyrightable expressions of rules or concepts.(05-30-2012)
U.S. v. LamTrademarks: The jury is granted broad discretion to discern whether allegedly infringed goods and marks are indistinguishable from the legitimate mark.(04-16-2012)
In re Viterra Inc.Trademarks: Concerning identical marks, the “degree of similarity necessary to support a conclusion of likely confusion declines.”(03-06-2012)
United States v. JinTrademarks: Under the Economic Espionage Act, the Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an economic spy intends to supply a trade secret to a benefitting nation.(02-08-2012)
Kinbook, LLC v. Microsoft CorporationTrademarks: In a reverse trademark infringement case, the senior trademark owner still must demonstrate that he or she still has a distinct mark.(01-25-2012)
Wolk v. Kodak Imaging Network, Inc.Copyright: Defendant largely acted in accordance with DMCA when it provided plaintiff with a means to contact concerning removal of infringing images.(01-03-2012)
AvidAir Helicopter Supply, Inc. v. Rolls-Royce Corp.Trade Secrets: A trade secret does not exist for neither its novelty nor its unavailability, so much as for the reasonable efforts taken in securing the secret's secrecy, and the economic value derived from it.(12-13-2011)
Field Turf Builders, LLC v. Fieldturf USA, Inc.Trade Secrets: One cannot claim a trade secret if it was not maintained as a secret.(10-14-2011)
Tianrui Group Company Ltd. v. ITCTrade Secrets: Under the Tariff Act, when the divulgement of a trade secret occurs extraterritorially U.S. Trade Secret law can still be applied.(10-11-2011)
Remark, LLC v. Adell Broadcasting CompanyTrademarks: Trademark infringement can only occur when the goods themselves confuse the public as to their origins, not when the copyrighted material therein is incorporated into a good.(09-20-2011)