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Rory Gates

United States Supreme Court

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Mayo v. Prometheus Laboratories, IncPatents: One must do more than simply describe a multi-step application of an unpatentable law of nature to transform it into a patent-eligible application of such a law.(03-20-2012)
Astrue v. CapatoAdministrative Law: Whether a child conceived after a biological parent's death is eligible for Social Security survivor benefits.(03-18-2012)
Marmet Health Care Center, Inc. v. BrownContract Law: West Virginia's prohibition of pre-dispute agreements to arbitrate personal-injury or wrongful-death claims against nursing homes is contrary to the terms and coverage of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA). (02-21-2012)
Nat’l Meat Ass’n v. HarrisPreemption: The Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) expressly preempts California's amended penal code application against federally inspected swine slaughterhouses.(01-23-2012)
U.S. v. Home Concrete & SupplyTax Law: [1] Whether an understatement of gross income attributable to an overstatement of basis in sold property is an "omi[ssion] from gross income" that can trigger the extended six-year assessment period; and [2] whether a final regulation promulgated by the Department of the Treasury, which reflects the IRS's view that an understatement of gross income attributable to an overstatement of basis can trigger the extended six-year assessment period, is entitled to judicial deference.(01-17-2012)
Smith v. CainCriminal Procedure: Failure to disclose material evidence violates Brady and may require reversal of conviction. (01-10-2012)
Mayo v. Prometheus Laboratories, IncPatents: Whether the correlation between blood test results and patient health is patentable.(12-07-2011)
Nat’l Meat Ass’n v. HarrisPreemption: PREEMPTION (Whether federal regulations authorized by the Federal Meat Inspection Act (21 U.S.C. § 601, et seq.) that require slaughterhouses to hold nonambulatory animals for observation for evidence of disease preempts a state law that requires such animals be immediately killed.)(11-09-2011)
Judulang v. HolderImmigration: (Whether a lawful permanent resident convicted of an offense that renders him deportable and excludeable under different statutory subsections, but did not depart or reenter the United States after conviction, is categorically foreclosed from seeking discretionary relief under former Section § 212(c) of the Immigration and Nationalty Act)(10-12-2011)

United States Supreme Court Certiorari Granted

TitleExcerptFilling Date
Christopher v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. (11-204)Administrative Law: (1) Whether deference is owed to the to the Secretary of Labor’s interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s sales exemption; and (2)whether the FLSA’s outside sale exemption applies to pharmaceutical sales representatives.(11-28-2011)