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Justin Howe

Oregon Supreme Court

TitleExcerptFilling Date
Dept. of Human Services v. J.R.F.Family Law: The Supreme Court has an obligation to consider relevant context when interpreting a statute, regardless of whether it was cited by any party. The relevant context includes ORS 419B.090(4) which provides that the due process rights of parents are always implicated in the construction and application of the provisions of ORS chapter 419.(02-16-2012)
Carson v. KrogerBallot Titles: A "no" vote result statement under ORS 250.035(2) must be a simple and understandable statement under 25 words that describes the result of a "no" vote, or a rejection of the measure.(01-12-2012)

Oregon Court of Appeals

TitleExcerptFilling Date
Register Guard v. Employment Dept.Employment Law: Decisions to affirm or reverse an Administrative Law Judge's decision to grant or deny unemployment benefits must be supported by substantial evidence.(01-25-2012)
Leif and LeifFamily Law: Including income from an inheritance in the calculation of gross income is appropriate when the inheritance is available. Also, averaging a parent's income over several years is appropriate when the income varies from year to year.(11-09-2011)
Department of Human Services v. L.B.Family Law: A court must carefully evaluate DHS’s decision to change a permanency plan for a child in order to ensure that the decision is one that is most likely to lead to a positive outcome for the child.(10-19-2011)
Homestyle Direct, LLC v. Department of Human ServicesAdministrative Law: An agency cannot enforce its own improperly promulgated standards by putting them in a provider agreement and then enforcing a rule that allows sanctions for noncompliance with that agreement.(09-21-2011)
Porter v. GriffinFamily Law: In a suit for marital dissolution, the court may enforce the terms set forth in a stipulated judgment signed by the parties as a contract.(08-31-2011)
State v. PhillipsEvidence: When evaluating the relevance of evidence to show bias of a witness, reasonable inferences are permissible but speculation is not.(08-17-2011)