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AJ Wahl

Intellectual Property

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Formfactor, Inc. v. Micro Probe, Inc.Trade Secrets: A trade secret does not exist upon failure to describe the "subject matter of the trade secret with sufficient particularity to separate it from matters of general knowledge in the trade or of special knowledge." (06-07-2012)
Lorillard Tobacco Company vs. Hamden, Inc.Trademarks: When counterfeit products are sold in direct competition with a product they will be found to have a significant impact on interstate commerce.(10-21-2011)
Habersham Plantation Corporation v. Art & Frame Direct, Inc.Trademarks: Court granted summary judgment because plaintiff failed to provide proof of actual confusion.(09-08-2011)
Derek Seltzer v. Green Day, Inc.Trademarks: An image must be used in commerce in order to qualify as a trademark under the Lanham Act.(08-18-2011)
Lorillard Tobacco Company v. Zoom Enterprises, Inc.Trademarks: A trademark's dilution can be inferred when the junior and senior marks are identical and found on products being sold together.(08-18-2011)