Math 142: Calculus II, Spring 2008


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Instructor: Erin McNicholas

Course Logistics

Room:  Collins 307 Room:  Collins 201
Phone:  370-6590 Time:  M, W, F 10:20-11:20
Email:  emcnicho(at) Mailgroup:  math-142-01(at)
Homepage: Textbook:  Calculus, 2ed. by Ostebee & Zorn
Office Hours:   Mon 2-3pm, Tues 10-11am, Fri 2-3pm or by appointment

Course Objectives / Big Questions:

  • We will continue building on the concepts learned in Calculus I. In particular we'll examine the integral and how it can be used to study the behavior of functions.

  • Through practice, we will us logic and creativity to improve our problem solving skills.

  • We will also strengthen our ability to convey complex mathematical ideas verbally and in writing.



Just for fun: 

Finite Simple Group of Order 2 (YouTube)

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