Math 253: Linear Algebra, Spring 2008


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General Information & Due Dates

  • February 13: Topic Requests/Proposals due

    • You may work on your own or in groups of 2.

    • Each group will submit one request/proposal.  If you are not proposing your own topic, you should submit a request which identifies your top 3 choices from the proposed topics.


Outlines of Grading Criteria for Poster Project

  • Grading Criteria

  • While all groups should do some outside research on their topic, some topics will require more outside sources than others.  Where possible, I've listed the sections of Anton's Contemporary Linear Algebra and Strang's Linear Algebra and Its Applications which cover the suggested topic. 

  • It is highly recommended that you meet with me before your poster session to go over a rough draft of your poster.  I am also happy to meet with you to discuss your topic and help you with any difficulties you might encounter.




Adjacency Matrices (Graph Theory) 

Definition of a graph, adjacency matrix, and incidence matrix.  Properties of the adjacency matrix for k-regular graphs, and automorphic graphs. Relationship between properties of the graph and the eigenvalues of its adjacency matrix


Dynamical Systems & Markov Chains 

Ref: Anton Sect. 5.1


Leontief Input-Output Models

Ref: Anton Sect 5.2

This topic might be of particular interest for Econ majors


Gauss-Seidel & Jacobi Iteration

Ref: Anton Sect 5.3

This would be a good topic for anyone interested in numerical analysis

Hannah & Dom

Partitioned Matrices, Condensation, & Parallel Processing

This topic will require some outside research, but Anton Sect 3.8 will get you started


Power Method & Internet Searches

Ref: Anton Sect 5.4


Computer Graphics

Ref: Anton Sect 6.5


Singular Value Decomposition & Image Processing

Ref: Anton Sect 8.6


Extension to the Complex Numbers

Ref: Anton Sects 8.8 & 8.9

Students selecting this topic should be familiar with and comfortable using complex numbers. 


Rank & Efficient Methods of Transmission

This topic will require some outside research but Anton page 367 will give you a place to start.


Best Approximation & Least Squares

Ref: Anton Sect 7.8


Dual Vector Spaces

Ref: Curtis Sect 26

Most presentations of this topic are rather dense and hard to get through, but the topic itself is interesting.  If you are planning on seeking an advanced degree in mathematics and want to choose a subject that will definitely come up again, this would be a good, yet challenging, choice.  This would be a great topic for someone with some Abstract Algebra experience (yes, I'm talking about you Tom)


LU Decomposition & Computer Algorithms

This topic will require some outside research but Anton Sect 3.7 and page 189 will give you a good start.  Again, this would be a good topic for anyone interested in numerical analysis.


Suggest Your Own Topic

Proposed topics have to be turned in by September 13, and approved by me (to ensure you are not biting off too little or too much).

Doug: Angular momentum of quantum states (using complex matrices)