oral reports:  

Research any puzzling or obscure terms or references in the chapter (or Appendix) of Trouble on Triton that we’ll be reading for the day of your report.  In class, you'll present your findings as they are relevant to the novel—that is, consider not only what each term means but also how the reference is significant to the novel.  Coordinate with any others reporting on the same day to make sure you don’t overlap. On the day of your report, turn in an MLA-style list of works consulted.

The webpage for research Doreen Simonsen made for our class: http://www.willamette.edu/~dsimonse/utopia.htm

W Oct 15 Trouble on Triton, 1: "Der Satz"

Reporter: Jordan Futran

F Oct 17 Trouble on Triton, 2: "Solvable Games"

Reporter: Sam Kuniholm

M Oct 20 essay 2 due; Trouble on Triton, 3: "Avoiding Kangaroos"

Reporter: Alex Xeros

Reporter: Justin Etzel

W Oct 22 Trouble on Triton, 4: "La Geste d’Helstrom"

Reporter: Melissa Kawana

M Oct 27  Trouble on Triton, 5: "Idylls in Outer Mongolia"

Reporter: Kelly Kean

Reporter: Laurel Curran

W Oct 29 Trouble on Triton, 6: "Objective Knowledge"

Reporter: Tomoko Yuzawa

Reporter: Michael LaDouceur

F Oct 31  Trouble on Triton, 7: "Tiresias Descending"

Reporter: Elizabeth Tobey

M Nov 3 Appendices A & B

Reporter: Takumi

Reporter: Daniel