Some “notes” ☺ on Haskore

(These are notes from a late-night session on Tue 7 Dec 2010.)

How to get Haskore to work:

I got the haskore-vintage-0.1 file from the web archive, ungzipped and untarred it and put the files inside the WinHugs directory (which I found on my Desktop on Windows). More specifically, I put the examples folder inside the packages directory and the Haskore directory inside examples, but with the Haskore.hs file itself directly within examples.

(I'd add a screenshot here, but I don't know how to do that on Windows.)

On the lecture podium machine, I use this to load the Examples.lhs file:

:l packages/examples/Examples.lhs
Then, when I write this command:
Examples> test childSong6
it writes out the file test.mid in the WInHugs folder.

(I do wish I could get it to auto-play in Windows the way it used to, e.g., for input t0 or t1.)

Some interesting links: