V CS 154: Intro. to Functional Programming—Final Exam Review Notes
V Important note!
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V Information about the exam
* The exam will be held on Saturday 15 December from 2-5pm in the usual lecture room (Ford 204).
* The exam is scheduled for three hours, but you may well find that you finish early ...
* The exam will be comprehensive (i.e., cover topics from the whole semester), but topics since the midterm will be covered more heavily
V The exam will consist of several kinds of questions; typically:
* 10-15 True-or-False questions at 1-2 points each
* 8-10 short answer questions at 4-6 points each
* 2-4 longer answer questions at 8-15 points each
* You won't be asked to write long programs, but perhaps to read and/or complete some medium-length ones (for Haskell, this means 2-4 lines).
* You might also be asked to find certain kinds of errors in a program you read.
* The emphasis is more on conceptual issues than the labs usually are (labs emphasize practice programming).
* You should review your lecture notes to study, as well as the textbook Chapters 1-5 (and parts of 6, 8 and 9).
* Any definitions you need from the Prelude will be supplied and described for you.
> See the midterm review for a summary of topics from the last exam (and especially chapter references there!)
> Trees: binary and general (see Section 10.3 of the textbook)
> Proofs about programs (see Chapter 13 of the textbook)
> A functional approach to graphics (see on-line references at home page)
> Haskore: a functional programming approach to music (see on-line references at home page)