CS 254 Lab 1: Using a Haskell language system

This lab is intended to give you a quick start with using the Haskell programming language, i.e., with getting access to a language system and editor in the lab or on your home computer, etc. The actual content of the lab is intended to be trivial.

In particular, you might use this lab as an excuse to set up a Haskell system on your own computer ... but we also want you to be familiar with how to access it on the lab computers. (Haskell systems should be available on the Mac systems in Ford 202 as well as on the Windows systems in the lab in Ford 224 where we will meet.)

To complete the lab you should be able to:

  1. launch a Haskell language system (Hugs, WinHugs or ghci);
  2. get the (Haskell) system to print your name backwards (when you type it in forwards);
  3. get the (Haskell) system to print all the odd numbers between 1 and 100;
  4. edit a file which defimes a variable called name which holds your name as a String. (If you wish, you may also make defintions here for the other tasks above.)