Introduction to (Java) Programming

About the course

This is the homepage for CS 231: Introduction to (Java) Programming, a course offered by Fritz Ruehr at the Computer Science Department of Willamette University.

This course is an introduction to computer programming and is the first course in the Computer Science major sequence. (Not everyone who takes this course will be a Computer Science major, but the content and methods we use in the course constitute a serious introduction to the subject. If you are interested in becoming a Computer Science major, or become interested during the course of the semester, please talk to me about possible plans of study.)

Learning to program is an immersive process: you must learn a new language, a new “world” of abstract concepts, the use of complex tools and a new way of thinking. Although programming offers many rewards in terms of self-discipline, personal satisfaction and creativity, it can also be time consuming and occasionally frustrating. Practice, persistence and a certain care for detail will be your best companions for this journey, although guidance from instructors and lab assistants will also help.

Special note: This semester we will be piloting a new approach to teaching this class, using an “active learning” style which mixes hands-on experimentation with more traditional lecture. We will be using new tools (DrJava) and new pedagogy, as well as a new classroom layout and other novelties. Please bear with us as we work through this experiment: we hope it will be a significant improvement for you ... the Guinea Pigs!


Tools (textbook, compilers, etc.)

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