CS 454 Home Page • Spring 2005

Some end-of-semester policy and logistics announcements

Links for wxHaskell docs

Go here for information on wxHaskell used in lecture.

An on-line tutorial on monads (by Jeff Newbern)

Follow this link to the All About Monads tutorial.

The list of screenshots (etc.) of possible topics

Remember to bring your list of priorities to lab on Wednesday.

The code files from lecture

Here's a handy-dandy annotated index to all the code files used in lecture ... it's just not finished yet (9 March). But it will be done well before next week's exam, so use it to study from!

The labs

Note: all labs will now be due at the latest by midnight on the Thursday following the stated due date: no exceptions!

Samples files and hand-outs from lecture

Other useful resources

Some fun quotations, etc.