Vital statistics:

  • Age: 2 3/4 years [b. 8 Apr 96]

  • Height: 33+ inches (hasn't been measured in a while)

  • Weight: 28 ish lbs (hasn't been weighed in a while either)

  • Sizing: 2Ts, some 3Ts

  • More pictures here

    Old version of this page [now out of date]

    Old home page [no longer accessible?]

  • Favorite activities:

    Reading her books, playing with Fisher Price Little People, her new dollhouse, Playmobiles, Duplos, doing puzzles, being sung to, swinging in the park, going to the library, going to the local children's museum,, staying up too late, reading her books, ...

  • Latest favorite books:

    Life with Max;
    Curious George;
    • Dr. Seuss books - loves rhyming;
    • Books by Leo Lionni - Inch by Inch, Swimmy, The Biggest House in the Whole Word;
    Piggy in the Puddle;
    One Duck, Another Duck.

  • Latest favorite music and videos, computer programs:

    National Geographic's GeoKids - especially Cool Cats and Baby Ducks;
    And One and Two and Walk around the Chair by Ella Jenkins
    Chanukah at Home;
    Sing A to Z by Sharon, Lois and Bram;
    A Bugs' Life.
    Fisher Price Little People PlayHouse, Discovery Farm, Ready for School Reading
    Reader Rabbit Toddler

Development and recent events (by her mommy, Carol)

  • Walking, starting to run, not jumping yet

    Freya has been walking since Jan. 1997. She is still going to physical therapy to increase her muscle strength. She has made great "strides" in the last year. The doctors still don't know what is the cause of her hypotonia.

  • Reading and counting

    She loves to be read to and will sometimes read books back to us. She has "read" most of several books to us. Like most toddlers, she loves to have the same book read over and over until it is memorized. We can tell that she reads a lot of words by "sight". She knows what each word on the inside cover of Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss is. (Maybe she can read a little bit. :) )

    She loves books that rhyme and she loves just rhyming for fun. One of her latest favorite books, Piggy in the Puddle, is also a rhyming book about a piggy who doesn't want to get out of the mud and "needs some soap". Freya liked to rhyme words with soap and so came up with "squope". We don't know what it means but we're proud. One day, one of our neighbors' 12+ cats was following Freya around on our walk and tried to get into our house. Knowing Freya likes rhymes, I said "scat cat" and now all cats are scat cats.

    On a recent trip through Michigan, Freya's Grammy and I were keeping her busy by writing numbers on her Magna Doodle and she wanted more numbers, so we kept going up to 100. In the above-mentioned song, And one and two, they count only up to eight and Freya also asked for more, but I always stopped at 100. One day last August we were walking on the pier and the numbers on the pylons had 3 digits. Fritz decided that Freya needed to know how to read 3 digit numbers and so he taught her and she's been doing it ever since. She surprised her Bobe and Zadie (my mom & dad) by reading the 3 digit number of their hotel room (and reading the ones down the hallway to get to it.) She'll still tell you their room number (months later now) if you ask.

  • Singing songs

    She has recently started to sing some songs herself - Inchworm and the ABCs (she likes the way Sharon, Lois and Bram do it best).

  • Fun Stuff

    She likes to help us make pancakes– her favorite food. She knows all the ingredients (we make them from scratch) and will keep herself up at night reciting them in the bed after "light's out". One time she said "baking soda" instead of "baking powder" and so we gently corrected her. She later said baking soda again in listing the ingredients but this time when you looked in her eyes you could see that she was doing it on purpose for fun. We would then say "not for our pancakes" and she would giggle and giggle. (By way of explanation, in one of her books, a baby gets a puff of powder after his bath but we would always say "not for this baby" since we never powdered her.) Just tonight she was staying awake by alternating "absolutely, positively" and "absitively, posolutely" and giggling in between. Her favorite toy is her Daddy who loves to make up silly games and songs with her.

  • Other Stuff

    She has just started potty learning and is doing very well.
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