How to create 3D text for use with webpages.


Step 1:
Begin by double-clicking the Painter 5.0 Demo icon on the desktop. (You can arrange your palettes by choosing Window:Arrange Palettes:Default from the menubar, if you wish.)

Step 2:
Choose "New..." from the the Edit menu and change the settings to match those to the left if needed.

Step 3:
Select a color from the Color Set palette. I've chosen a shade of orange.

Step 4:
Select the Text tool from the Tools palette.

Step 5: There is a pop-up menu on the Controls:Text palette which will allow you to select different fonts. Click on the menu and drag down to "Other Font..."

Step 6:
A dialog box will appear which will look something like the picture at the right:

Choose a font which has thicker lines. (How do you know which ones are thicker? Experience!) I picked Times Bold. Click OK. Use the slider on the Controls:Text palette to adjust the Point Size up to 50.

Step 7: Click on the left hand side of the canvas and type your name.

Step 8: Click on the Floater list icon to reveal a list of used letters as shown right.

Step 9: Double-click on the first letter of your name to see the following dialog box. Click to select the Stroke box and adjust the Width slider. I've set mine 3.0, but adjust it any way you like. Click OK.

Step 10: You should see something like this:

(You could click and drag on the corners to stretch in up and down or sideways.)

Step 11: Repeat with the remaining letters. The end result should look something like this:

You could stop there if you like the look.

Step 12: Select "Select All" under the Floater menu on the Objects palette as pictured right. Next click the Group button which can also be seen to the right. Then click the Collapse button just under Group. You'll see a dialog box which wants to know if you'd like to commit. Of course, you would!

Step 13: Choose Apply Surface Texture... as pictured on your right.

Step 14: Adjust the controls so that they look something like what you see pictured right. That gives your letters a rounded, 3D appearance. Click OK when you get the effect you like. Feel free to experiment.

The result should look something like this.

Step 15: Next we want to create a drop shadow. Easy to do with Painter.

Step 16: This is the default setting. You can use it or try others. Setting X-Offset and Y-Offset both to 0 can create an interesting effect. Click OK.

Voila! 3D text with a drop shadow.

Since Painter 5.0 in the lab is a demo, it won't allow you to save. However, if you press and hold sift and command (the key with the apple on it) and type number 4, a cross-hair cursor will appear. Drag from upper left to lower right to select the area which your Mac will take a snapshot. The picture can be found on your hard drive usually as "Picture 1" (or Picture and some number if there are other numbered pictures there already.)

Use Graphic Converter to convert your picture to a JPG.