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Internet resource review of "Annual Global CEO Survey from Pricewaterhouse Coopers" Reviewed in Choice, December 2013, #51-2172, v 51, n 04, p 688.
by Gary M Klein.

Book review of "Gale Business Insights Handbook of Investment Research", edited by Miranda Herbert Ferrara. Gale, part of Cengage Learning, 2013. 345 pages. ISBN 9781414499277. Reviewed in Choice, November 2013, #51-1584, v 51, n 3, p 512.
by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

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by Gary M Klein.

Book review of "An Introduction to Online Company Research: Search strategies, case study, problems and data source evaluations", edited by Chris Dobson. Thomson/Texere, 2004. 380pages. ISBN 0538726830. Reviewed in Choice, September 2004, #42-0053, v 42, n 1, p 80.
by Gary M Klein.

Internet resource review of "Encyclopedia of Finance" Reviewed in Choice, Supplement 2001, #38Sup-472, v 38, Special issue, p 145-146.
by Gary M Klein.

Internet resource review of " Business Research Tutorial" Reviewed in Choice, November 1999, #37-1648, v 37, n3, p 585.
by Gary M Klein.

Gay Themed Books in Oregon Public and Academic Libraries: a brief historical overview.
by Larry R. Oberg and Gary M. Klein.

OLA Quarterly (ISSN #1093-7374), Summer 2003, v 9, n 2, p 8-12.

Analyzed the OCLC WorldCat database to determine the number of unique titles of gay-themed books, in English, cataloged in OCLC, by year of publication for all OCLC participating libraries, and for 60 libraries in Oregon (18 public library systems, 15 community colleges, 10 private religious colleges, 10 private nonreligious colleges, and 7 state supported universities). Dates of publication are clustered into 8 time spans. One comprehensive search statement was used to retrieve all results on March 26, 2003.

Article is supplemented by 3 publicly accessible files that are copyright protected by Gary M. Klein, 2003:

Details of OCLC WorldCat searches for 60 selected libraries in Oregon (an Excel spreadsheet).
Listing of 55 sets Library of Congress Call Numbers used to catalog gay themed books (a Word document).
Listing of 243 Library of Congress Subject Headings used to catalog gay themed materials (a Word document).

Is There a Standard Default Keyword Operator? A Bibliometric Analysis of Processing Options Chosen by Libraries to Execute Keyword Searches in Online Public Access Catalogs.
by Gary M. Klein.

Library Hi Tech (ISSN #0737-8831), 1994, v 12, n 4, p 71-81.

"Online catalogs from 67 libraries using NOTIS software were searched using Internet connections to determine the positional operators selected as the default keyword operator on each catalog. The diverse results indicated that there is no standard default positional operator."

Sex Education and Sexuality before Stonewall: A Historical Look at Subject Headings Used in the Education Index, 1929-1969.
by Gary M. Klein.

RSR: Reference Services Review (ISSN #0090-7324), 1994, v 22, n 4, p 29-44+.

"The nature and variety of sexual activity have changed little since the dawn of humanity. However, the language used to describe sexual activity varies with changes in social mores, religious beliefs, and technology. Likewise, there have been various levels of acceptance and repression of different sexual practices and open expression in literary form. In this article, Klein explores the hypothesis that Education Index has succumbed to the same types of societal and editorial marginalization as other indexing tools in assigning subject headings and providing cross-referenced access to literature in the fields of sex, sex education, and sexuality. He analyzes subject headings used within Education Index from 1929 to 1969. Despite the advent of online information retrieval systems, little has been done to retrospectively assign modern subject headings to the literature of the past that has been buried under archaic subject headings."

Helping Students Find Sensitive Material: A Guide to the Literature on Homosexuality for Librarians and Faculty.
by Gary M. Klein.

ERIC Document #359990, 1993, 11 pages.

"In response to the increasing emphasis on issues of diversity, this document addresses the need for bibliographic instruction in classes dealing with issues of gender and sexuality. The document consists of various bibliographies, guides to research, information headlines and services, library special collections and research institutes, electronic discussion groups, and other sources of information concerning the general topic of homosexuality."

The Telecommunications Act of 1996: The Indecency of it All!
by Gary M. Klein.

OLA Quarterly (ISSN #1093-7374), Winter 1996, v 1, n 4, p12.

A call to arms, written in response to news that the Communications Decency Act was put into place when President Clinton signed into place The Telecommunications Act of 1996. The CDA criminalized the distribution of certain vaguely defined types of electronic information, while allowing the same information to be freely and legally available in other formats.

This article originally appeared in Moveable Type the newsletter of the Mark O. Hatfield Library, in Spring 1996, and also in the Spring 1996 issue of Scene, both of which are publications of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same...
by Gary M. Klein.

OLA Quarterly (ISSN #1093-7374), Summer 1996, v 2, n 2, p 14 and 19.

"Despite advances in high speed telecommunications, lightning fast processors, incredibly compact storage devices, inter-network linkages, array processing systems, and the ever declining cost of computer processing, librarians and information seekers face the same problems they did 50 years ago when the electronic computer made its debut. The problem: determining how to find the data that someone thought worthy of offering up for public access."

Selecting the Proper Subject Heading.
by Gary M. Klein.

a chapter in Designs for Active Learning: a sourcebook of classroom strategies for information education. Edited by Gail Gradowski, Loanne Snavely, and Paula Dempsey. Published by the Association of College & Research Libraries. Chicago, Illinois. 1998. pages 130-134. ISBN #0-8389-7946-7.

Shattering the Myths of Abstracts and Indexes.
by Gary M. Klein.

a chapter in Designs for Active Learning: a sourcebook of classroom strategies for information education. Edited by Gail Gradowski, Loanne Snavely, and Paula Dempsey. Published by the Association of College & Research Libraries. Chicago, Illinois. 1998. pages 137-138. ISBN #0-8389-7946-7.

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