Lab 10: Final Project
CS 141: Introduction to Programming , Fall 2015

See Deadlines and Final Deliverables below.
This lab is worth 50 pts, i.e 2.5 times a normal lab


For this lab, you may implement an application of your choice. The primary requirements are that:

  1. You collaborate with one other person.
  2. Your program uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  3. Your program reads and/or writes to files.
  4. Your program makes use of arrays or ArrayLists or some non-trivial data structure.

Examples include:

For some general directions at how to proceed, you can look at DBAssign.pdf. While this pertains to creating a database, much of it will also apply to any project you do.

Coordination with your Partner



Grading will be based on

Final Deliverables

  1. Demonstrate your program to the instructor before the day of the presentation to insure that it is complete and meets expectations.

  2. Presentation: Plan to give a 5-10 minute presentation of your project on the day of the final exam slot. It should include:

  3. Submit to WISE: No later than the day of the presentation, one of the partners should submit the following items to Wise as attachments to Lab 10.