Lab 4: Making Decisions
CS 141: Introduction to Programming , Fall 2015

This lab is due Monday, Sept 28, by the end of the lab,

Writing an Expert System

In class, we will go through the process of creating a medical diagnosis expert system.

For this lab, you will create your own expert system on a topic of choice. See the instructions here (pdf).
If you would like to answer the Software Testing questions electronically, you may save, fill out, and print the questions here (docx).


To receive full credit on this lab, you need to:

  1. Make sure that your Java code:

  2. Software Testing: work with a partner to test both of your programs.

  3. Demonstrate your program to the instructor or lab assistant during the lab on the due date. You will be asked to display your commented/formatted code and to run the code on a few inputs.

  4. Submit your 2 Java classes (not the .class files!) as attachments to Lab 4 in WISE: