Lab 9: Inheritance
CS 141: Introduction to Programming , Fall 2015

This lab is due Monday, Nov 16, by the end of the lab.

This lab introduces you to the concepts of inheritance, super/sub classes (also called base/derived classes or parent/child classes), interfaces, and abstract classes. You have already seen some of these ideas before, for example:

In this lab, we will look at these concepts further. In particular, we will look interfaces and abstract classes. These concepts are described in Chapter 9 of your text. We will also work through some of the lab in class in order to get you started.

You will also have the opportunity in this lab to work more with ArrayLists.



To receive full credit, you need to:

  1. Make sure that your Java code:

  2. Demonstrate: Your program to the instructor or lab assistant by the due date.

  3. Submit your .java files to Wise as attachments to Lab 9.