CS141: Topics for Week 10: Oct 26, 28 & 30, 2015

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Lab 8: Arrays

Remember to review questions starting on p. 535.

Chapter 7 Arrays and the ArrayList Class: Vocabulary

array (1D, 2D, multi-dimensional)
Declaring an array
Accessing array elements
Initializing an array
Enhanced for-loop
Out of bounds problems
Calculating with arrays:
  ... comparing, summing, min/max, averages, swap elements
  ... sequential search, sorting
Arrays class
Arrays as arguments & parameters
Arrays of objects
Selection sort
Binary search
2D Arrays
  ... declaring
  ... obtaining number of rows/columns
  ... accessing elements
  ... as arguments & parameters
ArrayList class
  ... Creating and declaring an ArrayList
  ... Diamond syntax <>
  ... Auto-boxing/wrapping


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