CS141: Topics for Oct 21, 23, & 25, 2013

Homework and Reading

The reading and homework for this week can be found here: Lab 9

Continue working on TicTacToe. Instructions (pdf) and TicTacToeStubs Netbeans Project (zip)

Chp 7 Vocabulary

Note, we will not cover everything in this chapter. Your main task is to become familiar with the code in the Netbeans project: IOExampleProject (zip file) If you had to modify it to read in or write to a file, would you know how to change the program?

Ascii (text) file vs binary file
Opening a file
Closing a file
White space

Throwing an Exception
Catching an Exception

Topics: Chp 7 - Input/Output and Exception Handling

Chp 8 Vocabulary

Object-oriented programming
Public interface
Private implementation
Object (instance of class)
Member (instance) variable
Instance method
The keyword: new
Object reference
Null reference

Mutator method (setter)
Accessor method (getter)
toString method
Sending a message
Class (static) method
Class (static) variables
Modifier (public, private)
this reference
Unit testing

Topics: Chp 8 - Objects and Classes

In Class Practice Activities