Chemeketans (outdoor club)


The Chemeketans is an outdoor club centered in Salem.It sponsors hikes, backpacks, bicycle trips, canoe/kayak events, ski and snowshoe trips.I have led dozens of hikes with the Chemeketans, and have also participated in snowshoe and canoe trips.Among my favorite hikes are

        Little North Santiam

        Matthieu Lakes

        Clear Lake

        McKenzie River Trail

        Silver Falls State Park Waterfall Loop

One of the things I love about the Oregon forests is that they remain green all year!The salal bushes, rhododendrons, Oregon grape, ferns, moss, and of course the Douglas firs, ponderosa pines, jack pines, sitka spruce, jack pines, Ö are all green.I grew up in the east, where almost everything in the forest was brown in the wintertime, so itís a dramatic difference!


I have done the computer work of membership secretary for over a year, and was one of the Bulletin editors for over six years.


Last modified April 26, 2016