'Cello Lesson Requirements

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Willamette University

Willamette University
Prof. Hekun Wu's Cello Studio
Office: 503.370.6453 Music Department Office: 503.370.6255

General Information:

All students are required to attend each First Monday Cello Class at Willamette regardless if he/she is performing or not in the particular class.

After meeting with you at the beginning of the semester, I will tailor a repertoire plan for each of you.

Attendance Policy/ Lesson Preparation:

It's mandatory to attend each scheduled lesson and prepare for the each lesson assignment. In case of illness or an emergency, the student should notify the instructor as soon as possible.



Lesson - 70% (A=100% of the repertoire list and attendance; B=80%; C=60%)
Performance -30% (A= well-prepared; B= prepared; C=minimum prepared)