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Applied Cello (B. M. in Cello Performance)

The Cello Studio of Dr. Hekun Wu, Willamette University

(The requirements may be modified accordingly for those who are enrolled in B.A. in Music, B.M. in Education, minors, and non-majors.)

Entrance Audition Requirements

(playing from memory is required):

Requirements for the First-Year & Second-Year:

Goals: To establish a solid foundation of cello technique and to develop musicianship. By the end of the second year, the student should play with good intonation, natural tone production, have developed an articulate left-hand, and possess an expressive vibrato.

Suggested Studies and Repertoire:

Proficiency Exams:

For those who wish to be a Music Performance major (B.M.), a qualifying recital is required which should be given by before end of the sophomore year.

For those who wish to major in music (B.A. in Music or B.M. in Education), one is required to pass the four (4) proficiency exams to formally declare music as their major. These proficiencies can be scheduled throughout the first 4 semesters, but must be completed by the end of the sophomore year. One is required to perform a work from each of the four periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary.

For detailed information regarding the degree programs, please refer to the Music Student Handbook.

~ All of the following should be played from memory except for the Beethoven Sonatas. ~ The Committee may decide which movement(s) the student will perform from the multi-movement works.

Jury for the First-Year Student (B.M. and B.A. music majors):

Jury for the Second-Year Student (B.M. and B.A. music majors):

Requirements for the Third & Fourth Years:

Goals: To reinforce the standard cello repertoire and chamber music/orchestral literature. Fundamentals of cello technique, such as scales and études, continue to be an integral part of weekly assignments. An advanced understanding of music from different eras and the ability to convey these stylistic differences through performance are expected.

Suggested Studies and Repertoire:

Solo Recital Requirements for the Junior Year and Senior Year

(for performance majors only)