Politics 304


9/9/04 Exercise


What Don't You Know?



Please take 20 minutes and explore the flora and fauna of campus. Find one natural object that you don't know. Maybe you have never seen its kind before. Perhaps you don't know what it is called. Maybe you don't know what its relationship is with the things around it. Perhaps you don't know its function. Whatever it is, you have questions about it and its place in the (our) world.


1) Describe its location. How would you tell your classmates to find it? Is it in just one location, or is it in others as well? Is it mobile and/or transient? If appropriate, draw a map on the back side of this sheet.












2) Describe it. What can you discern about it from observation? Are you familiar with similar objects?  What appears to be its relationships and functions? If appropriate, bring back a small leaf or twig so that the rest of us might have an "aha!" experience.