Josh Laison
Math 141: Calculus 1

Section 2

                               (back row: Arlin, Scott, Taylor, Aram, Austin)
                               (middle-back row: Stephen, Aaron, Ryan, Elysia, Asa, Jamaica, Aaron, Ricky)
                               (middle-front row: Tony, Brent, Kris, Ariel, Becca, Greg, Paul, Jason)
                               (front row: Misha, Gail, Spencer, Nate, Blake, Heather, Erika)
                               (not pictured: Michael)

Section 3

                               (back row: Bryce, Katie, Jan, Doug, Brad, Melinda, Aaron, Colin)
                               (middle-back row: Bijan, Addam, Karen, Lai Chim, Ismael, Oralia, Andrew)
                               (middle-front row: Kelsey, Jasmine, Stacey, Shahed, Pete, Andrew, Cory, Neil)
                               (front row: Dog, Keith, Christian, Alex, Taylor)
                               (not pictured: Michelle, Noonie)

Course Procedures

Homework Assignments, updated through the end of the semester.

Tentative Syllabus

Knowledge Survey, updated through the end of the semester.

Sample Maple File

Optimization Handout

Hypocycloid Maple File