Josh Laison
Math 130: Contemporary Mathematics

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Web Links:
Lockhart's Lament
Die Hard Jug Puzzle
The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Biography of Fibonacci
The Fibonacci Association and Fibonacci Quarterly
Vi Hart's videos on Fibonacci numbers, part 1, part 2, and part 3.
Large prime numbers from the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search.
The Prime Number Theorem chart and graphs
The Clay Millenium Problems
Fermat's Last Theorem, part 1
The marginal note
Symmetries of a square
Platonic solid duals
Platonic solid inscribings
Spherical cameras
Unfolding a 4D cube
Slicing a 4D cube
4D Rubik's cube
The regular polychora
Polychoron Patterns
Proofs of Euler's formula
The Four-Color Theorem
The proof of the four color theorem
A fractal generator.
Another fractal generator.
Fractal images: Koch snowflake, Sierpinski triangle, Barnsley's fern, Menger sponge
The Chaos Game
Fractals in African designs
Examples of Julia sets
Movies of different Julia sets and zooming into a Julia set and again
Mandelbrot set song
Mandelbrot set and Julia set investigator, and some Mandelbrot movies, and more movies.
A Mandelbrot set zoom movie
A 1-D Cellular Automaton Java applet.
Wolfram's Rule 30
Rule 30, 2000 generations
Play the game of life here, here, and here.
The last link has some incredible examples of initial patterns, such as this, this, this, this, this, and this.
Stephen Colbert on topology
Mobius bands in biology, industry, knitting, ...
A neat topology trick
Minesweeper on a torus
Torus and Klein bottle games
Klein bottle video
Cyclist on a Klein bottle video
Projective plane video
Buy a Klein bottle here, and impress people at parties.
Check digits