Mathematics 110---Mathematical Explorations, Fall 05

                               (back row: Alan, Xander, Misael, Basil, Matt, Nolan, Toly, Marshall, Colin)
                               (front row: Nick, Lynne, Kevin, Caroline, Hillary, Liz, Andrew, Julia, Dom)

Mathematics 110---Mathematical Explorations, Fall 03

                               (back row: Rob, Miranda, Cat, Katy, Nic, Corty, Richard)
                               (middle-back row: Nick, Justin, Decker, Adrienne, Maraya, Nick, Portia, Rachel, JJ)
                               (middle-front row: Eric, Eliza, Jon, Blake, Jedd)
                               (front row: Tom, Pat, Nick)
                               (not pictured: Brack)

Course Procedures

Daily Assignments, updated through Wednesday, December 21.

Team Problem Assignments:
Team Problems #1, due Friday, Dec. 2
Team Problems #2, due Wednesday, Dec. 7
Team Problems #3, due Monday, Dec. 12
Team Problems #4, due Thursday, Dec. 15
Team Problems #5, due Tuesday, Dec. 20

Individual Problem Assignments:
Individual Problems #1, due Monday, Dec. 5
Individual Problems #2, due Thursday, Dec. 8
Individual Problems #3, due Tuesday, Dec. 13
Individual Problems #4, due Friday, Dec. 16
Individual Problems #5, due Wednesday, Dec. 21

Web Links:
The Mathematics Subject Classification, from the American Mathematical Society,
   and the searchable mathscinet version
The Fibonacci Quarterly
The largest known prime number, from the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search.
   (the prime number takes a while to load!)
RSA Security
The Clay Millenium Problems
The Official M.C. Escher website
Tilings of the hyperbolic plane
Buy a Klein bottle here, and impress people at parties.
Play games on a torus or a Klein bottle here.
7 adjacent countries on a torus.
The Erdös Number Project.
A 1-D Cellular Automaton Java applet.
A number of java applets for the Game of Life are here, here, here, here, here, and here.
The last link has some incredible examples of initial patterns, such as this, this, this, this, this, and this.
Bob Devaney's webpage, including this fractal creator, this Mandelbrot set and Julia set investigator, these movies, and these movies.

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